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Digital Acoustics® technology 

Talking Keyboard Speech System  

Portable speech communications aid works without a PC. Creates a voice
that instantly talks as you type. 
Works on speaker and telephone lines. 

  • Text synthesis directly to speech
  • Easy to use AAC Augmentative Communication Device 
  • Several versions available, all with unlimited vocabulary
  • Programmable macros with integrated FLASH memory
  • Just type to talk on the integrated speaker, or over a phone line

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TextSpeak™ TS text-to-speech keyboard series converts text to a natural sounding voice while you type. Completely integrated DSP technology works without a PC and is simple to use

Assisted speech with clear 3 watt speaker.
Handset connector pass-though provides alternative to teletype.
40 macros available for custom phrases using internal flash memory.
Nothing to learn, ready to work when you open the box!

A perfect AAC augmentative communication aid for speech impaired individuals, post operative patients, or anyone who needs audio feedback with synthesized speech.



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TextSpeak is an Augmentative Communication and Augmentative Alternative Communication Device Talking keyboard with Text to speech for mobility, speech, and assisted living, speech disability, speech loss, AAC, augmentative communication, assistive technology, adaptive technologies, communication for disabled ( AAC CAMA, CASC). The keyboard provides word prediction, speech synthesis and voice synthesizer. Provides AAC aid for multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease huntington  chorea, cerebral palsy aphasia, Parkinson's disease, speech augmentative devices for dysphasia and speech impairments for the mute and blind and sight impaired and speech impaired.